Our Aims

122According to the founding act - statutes of “Inart12”, among its aims/objectives are:

  • To develop and reinforce actions and programs that help and empower children to express, exchange and compose their views on a variety of issues affecting them, with particular sensitivity to children in more difficult and vulnerable situation and children in social exclusion.
  • To use and disseminate the experiences and good practices of Independent Authorities for Children's Rights / Children's Ombudspersons in promoting children’s participation internationally.
  • To promote and empower the skills and potentials of children, adolescents and young adults to take initiatives, participate in consultation meetings and act as human rights defenders.
  • To develop practical and methodological tools for the promotion of the expression of children’s views, their communication and dialogue.
  • To develop actions aiming at the improvement of existing institutional provisions and procedures for the participation of children, expression of and listening to their views, particularly in education, welfare, health, justice, culture, the arts, public space and more generally in social life.
  • To promote information, awareness raising, organized training and improvement of the practices of professionals, volunteers and other citizens working with children.
  • To promote relevant expertise and know-how developed by public bodies, universities, foundations, associations, specialist service providers and civil society organizations dealing with children and aiming at the protection of their rights.
  • To take actions to develop and enhance dialogue and cooperation between local communities and society at large, including children, on issues related to the implementation of the right of children to express their views freely.

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