"Children's Assemblies", a guide to students' first steps in practicing democracy in schools

exofiilo odigou Synelefseon

 "Children's Assemblies" is the title of a short guide (in Greek language) published by InArt12, addressed to teachers, children and parents, on the organisation of school pupils' / students' assemblies, from kindergarten to primary and secondary school.

The guide includes arguments regarding the reasons and objectives of school assemblies, proposals about their organisation and ideas how to make them meaningful and interesting. The authors of the publication (George Moschos,  former Children's Ombudsman of Greece and Aspasia Kalisora, primary school teacher) have used their extensive relevant experience in the field, to present arguments on the necessity and guidelines on how to help children understand through participation what school democracy means in practice; how they can collaborate, express their opinion, listen to others and discuss, make collective decisions, undertake and share responsibilities, make efforts to improve their school environment, relations and every day school life.  

You can browse and read the guide here

You can download the guide in pdf form here


The guide has been approved as educational material by the Institute of Educational Policy and the Ministry of Education, along with the programme of InArt12 "Zoom in on our class and on our school". It was printed in 3.000 copies, with the support of Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation and is being distributed free of charge.




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